Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fast and furious payments from my top programs!...A little downer...

Fast and furious withdrawal payments from my top programs!

This week it seems I was in a middle of an action movie because of the fast payments I received from my top programs! Actually there is no need to be furious but I just included the word to make my blog a little bit sensationalized and hope some of the famous movie's fame settles in (wishful thinking).

Here are these top fast and furious programs:

Profitable Sunrise - I am a part of a private plan group that earns 2.17% per business day for 170 days. This program always pay me very fast - like a few minutes after I request payment. This week alone I already earned more than $42 into my Egopay account as I begin withdrawing daily after about a week of compounding.

ISM AdsIncome - as usual, always pays within 24 hours after I made withdrawal request. Earning me a solid 1.5% per calendar day. I dont always request withdrawal of all earnings, but instead repurchase adpacks to increase my earnings and also add credits for advertisements of my other programs. Requested $20 last time!

RicanAdFunds - like ISM AdsIncome, I could always depend on this program to pay me ontime within 24 hours after I made a withdrawal request. Not surprising since this program is owned and managed by same company behind ISM AdsIncome. Requested $20 last time!

The Money Magnet - I just joined this program last week and began earning last Monday, but so far so good! Pays me instantly everyday for 2 days now, $2.32 in total so far. I hope this will just be the beginning of a wonderful and profitable days with this program.

Finance Century - always reliable and paying me more than $3 per business day and w/d requests always on time. Oldest program in my portfolio next to ProfitClicking.

Honorable mention:

Infinity4Profit - always pays. The admin seems busy these past few days with his other programs that the request can be paid after 3-4 days on my estimate. Paid me $13.00 last time.

A little downer

It seems Forex Earn have turned scam. Last time I was paid was November 21, 2012. I thought at first that they went on vacation because of the Thanksgiving Day. But last week passed and this week, they still have not paid all my withdrawal requests. I have stopped promoting this program and also reported to Goldpoll monitor my account so they can verify and turn their status for this program into Problem since they still label this as Paying.

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